Thursday, 27 March 2003

Guess who got to hang around another peace protest today? Yeah you guessed it. This time it was "Lawyers against War". Lawyers with integrity? Yeah I know it's the biggest oxymoron ever but they thought they were right and that's all that matters apparently.

My role was largely confined to telling hippies and lawyers (sample under breath quote: "Shouldn't you be off stealing some clients money?") to get the hell out of the road when cars were coming through. They didn't want to listen so we asked the cops to have a go, surprisingly they all moved then.

Two things I noticed (apart from the obvious fact that, you know, THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING SOME WORK),

a) The Greens signs are still all being held up with wooden stakes
b) Their "Greenmobile" is the oldest, crappiest and most pollution spewing car on the face of gods green earth. They must thing it's 'edgy' to drive an unroadworthy death trap or something.

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