Monday, 24 March 2003

TSP Retro Rant #3

Date Unknown (Early April 1995 I think)

This one is my favourite. Ever.

GP Prostesters are Prix!

Yes its that time of the week again when people from All around Victoria except Albert Park turn up, stuff around and get arrested. all for the sake of trying to stop 4 days a year of easily avoided noise, so that -B-Grade actors and all around losers can get publicity for themselves.

Anyway, did you see the Anti-gp rally (Ha, Ha, Ha) half, no 3/4, no lets be serious all of the people at this rally were Socialist, Facist, Nazi anti-Kennett pigs.

So now the wheelchair olympics GP federation is going around the world to annoy people from London with their mindless drivel about pollution, oooh yeah and 100,000 cars a day would'nt stuff up the atmosphere would it?

Anyway they are a pack of proffesional protestors who threaten the majority of Albert Park residents.

They claim that 51% don't want the GP in Melbourne, this complete and utter bollocks, if 51% of people didn't want the GP (and the people who are protesting are just facist anti-Kennett anyway) why is Jeff Kennett kicking that other boring opposition leaders butt.

And anyway if this will kill the trees and murder everyone like they claim why do Monaco and Surfers get busier at GP Time


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