Thursday, 6 March 2003

Even if he never does anything else in his life, Finn Bradshaw from Melbourne's free daily newspaper MX has won a place in the TSP Hall-of-Fame for two of his "Six questions about the Super Six" article in today's edition.

Will Australia accept that Brett Lee is its sixth-best one-day bowler?

"Lee improved enormously at the end of the VB Series, but appears to again confuse pace with ability. Jason Gillespie was arguably Australia's best bowler at the World Cup before he broke down (continuing his convincing Bruce Reid impersonation); Andy Bichel has taken the third-best one-day figures; and Glenn McGrath is Glenn McGrath. Even Brad Hogg and Darren Lehmann are more valuable, and less expensive than Lee."

How can anyone beat Australia?

"Allow Lee to bowl as many bouncers as he likes - then you'll get six hookable balls an over."

Don't tell me that the media bandwagon is starting to grind to a halt and people are realising that he's shit? All other commentators please form an orderly queue to renounce your past sins.

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