Thursday, 13 February 2003

Well, I don't remember actually posting those last two entries. I recall writing them, but after that it's all a blur. I guess we're all lucky that I didn't write something about two hookers and a paper-bag full of cash then.

So then, let's go through some of what I wrote and see whether it still stands up to scrutiny after several hours sleep.

"I think everyone has drawn their own conclusions on the Rasheed Latif debacle. Mine? To paraphrase the man himself, he's a cunt."

True, and I look forward to him touring Australia sometime soon to face our notoriously drunk and abusive good natured crowds.

"Except to say that the number of wides being bowled by India in their game against Holland was the most corrupt thing i've ever seen in my life."

God yes, they weren't even trying to hide it. If you are reading this from the Indian Cricket Board please form an orderly queue behind Rasheed Latif if you want to sue.

"i've spent the best part of the last 12 hours wandering around city streets aimlessly (sober no less)"

Spotted in that time,

* Rodents galore.
* A pisshead sleeping in the middle a major city road.
* A Crown Casino patron relieving himself in the middle of the street (not the same one where the guy was sleeping).
* Some guy being made to wait nervously outside a brothel on a main road for about two minutes until somebody answered the door.
* Not one roving band of criminals, perverts or any underground cults.

"Now, if you enjoyed watching that game for gods sake come and watch the NSL - if I haven't been bashed by now you probably won't be either."

Ubersportingpundit has his excuse. You are hereby pardoned, the rest of you please have your explanation on my desk ASAP.

So there you go, half-unconcious Adam agrees with wide awake and alert (but not alarmed) Adam. That's good news.

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