Monday, 17 February 2003

Does anyone else find it ironic that the French are having a whinge about innocent people getting killed in an Iraqi war when they're the people who bombed the Rainbow Warrior and supplied both sides with weapons and support during the Rwandan genocide? Not only that but then they treated the same people who publically incited the mass-murder as guests in their country.

And who was that detonating a small South Pacific island a few years ago? You'd hate to test a weapon that would kill innocent civilians wouldn't you? Stupid Frenchies, way to take the moral high-ground when it suits you.

What's that you say? "Stop bringing up the past" Ok then, let it never again be said that this conflict could "end up like Vietnam", that the Americans dropped nuclear weapons on Japan or that Saddam Hussein is a mad dictator - because you'd hate to actually introduce truth into the debate.

I think a very important switch in my brain has switched to "crack it" tonight.

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