Thursday, 6 February 2003

(Originally posted at Sports Review)

No time for a real in-depth look at the weeks action, so let's just jump straight to the tips.

Friday Night
NZ Kingz to defeat Marconi Stallions
Newcastle United to defeat Melbourne Knights

Wollongong Wolves to defeat Northern Spirit
Parramatta Power to defeat Brisbane Strikers
Olympic Sharks to defeat Sydney United
South Melbourne to defeat Adelaide City

And Perth's relentless march towards another Grand Final is temporarily halted by the bye. They did, of course, lose three points during the week for playing an unregistered player in Round One but that shouldn't stop them from finishing first and taking a huge advantage into the finals series.

Fearless Prediction - Newcastle United 4, Melbourne Knights 1

While you're there check out some of the most pointless statistics in the history of sports. Did you know that during Andrew Marth's 500 game NSL career he has played in front of a total of 2,158,400 people? Well, you do now.

Incidentally, for anyone who missed it Northern Spirit beat Parramatta 1-0 during the week in a previously postponed game. This upset doesn't change my view that the Power are the most promising outsider for the championship.

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