Sunday, 2 February 2003

Meanwhile, for anyone who is interested as to where I heard that first reporter suggest terror it was BBC Radio 5 which interrupted it's preview of the days English/Scottish league football to interview a spokesperson from NASA. I'm happy to report that she bitchslapped the (admittedly out of his depth not discussing sports) presenter severely and dismissed the question as "not at all appropriate".

It's also disappointing that they've yanked all the ironic interviews out of the archives where the astronauts say something horribly prophetic. The most chilling one is where the daughter of the Israeli pipes up right in the middle of him talking and says "The spaceship goes boom."

On another, culture related, note - does this mean the Homer in Space episode of the Simpsons will now join the WTC one in the "not to be shown" file? Considering that it does feature the shuttle almost breaking up on re-entry (only to be saved, of course, by the inanimate carbon rod) i'd wager that we've seen the last of that particular episode for a long, long time; which is fair enough I suppose.

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