Thursday, 6 February 2003

I just got the greatest version of the "Nigerian Scam" email in history. Have a go at this,

I am a 23 years old and a British citizen who was taken to Brunei by my father at the young age of 12. He deceived me that I was going there on vacation and later married me off to a wealthy Prince in Brunei who is 30 years older than me.

A highly believable plot i'm sure you'll agree,

After I got my freedom back I have been allowed by my husband to have access to his businesses.

But apparently 'freedom' is a relative concept in the Sultanate because,

Right now I have mapped out a plan of escape out of Brunei,

Despite all this she's nice enough to offer me $1.6m. Which is a bit of a rort, because Collins Emordi of the African Standard Development Bank was promising more than $30m.

In the past week i've also had ones claiming to be from Yugoslavia (they obviously hadn't heard about it being renamed), Sierra Leone and Kenya. My life won't be complete, though, until I see an "I am trapped in Dubbo! Please help!" Australian version.

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