Saturday, 1 February 2003

Good grief, I just found something that I had written on a BBS in 1996 that has been archived on the net, and it's frightening to say that even seven years ago (when I was a mere 14 years old for gods sake) I actually used terms like

* "And the like"
* "I got scammed into buying"
* "Act of random violence"

Just goes to show that I hit my peak years ago and it's all been downhill since. That the thread involves me whinging about problems with my 14.4k modem would seem to indicate some things have advanced though.

Oh, and I also found a comment I emailed to Instapundit actually got a mention on the page (which I obviously missed). Imagine if i'd actually included my URL and scabbed a free link, i'd probably be rich and famous now. A bit anyway.

Googling for your own name? Sad but fun. And I should point that if you go back through the archives, connect my first name to surname and decide to do a search of your own - any of the 80 results that come up might be about the OTHER Adam ******* who is, ummmm, someone else and certainly not me.

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