Thursday, 13 February 2003

Curious that just when they're trying to convince the world of how necessary a war against Iraq is the Americans 'discover' a tape allegedly by Osama Bin Laden purporting to support Iraq (or something, read the real details somewhere more credible).

If you want to turn Iraq in the "Park and Ride Middle Eastern Carpark Complex" then just do it, stop trying to convince us all with flimsy evidence.

And that, my friends, is the most cohesive social and political commentary you're going to get out of me in my current state.

Except to say that the number of wides being bowled by India in their game against Holland was the most corrupt thing i've ever seen in my life. They should all be banned for life. And speaking of banning cricket players, I think everyone has drawn their own conclusions on the Rasheed Latif debacle. Mine? To paraphrase the man himself, he's a cunt.

Back almost certainly tomorrow with the TSP Corporate Love Day Spectacular I.

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