Monday, 10 February 2003

Everywhere I go I read something about somebody connected to blogging (no matter how tenuously) writing a column for a major newspaper or magazine, and I want in.

What's that you say? "Adam, you talk complete and utter crap". And that, my friends, is exactly what is going to take me right to the top of the print-media in this country (and why stop there, i'll have radio and TV as well thankyou)

Look at it this way. If you took everything that I wrote in a typical week, filtered out the volumes of crap and gave star-billing to the one insightful and/or interesting thing amongst it all you'd probably find enough to fill half of the "nobody cares" page in any magazine printed in this flat, brown, mysterious country.

So, write to your favourite editors and MP's now and tell them that you want more sex, drugs and chicken in the media and i'm the person to deliver it. Obviously you should replace the word "i'm" with Adam, or you might end up getting my spot and then I might have to terminate you with extreme prejudice.

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