Wednesday, 12 February 2003

Isn't it heartening to see that New Zealand's tough moral stance on that well-known terror hotbed Kenya has suddenly softened after they lost their first World Cup game?

I want the money I bet on them to win the tournament back, they're the biggest bunch of wankers in the history of sports.

Meanwhile it's nice to see that Andy Symonds played the big "fuck you" innings to his critics (myself included admittedly) and probably saved his spot in the ODI team for the forseeable future.

And what's this? Brett Lee getting smacked all over the park and bowling no-balls like they're going out of fashion? "BUT HE TOOK A WICKET!" you say, "SO WHAT, HE'S STILL CRAP" I reply.

Now watch him clean up the tail and somehow win man-of-the-match/tournament/millenium awards.

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