Monday, 10 February 2003

NSL: Round 21 is Upset Central

(Originally posted at Sports Review)

Expected results flew out the window this week as the NSL went upset crazy.

After the Kingz and Marconi played out a bore draw on Friday night it was all action.

Melbourne's departing import Bizcayanu gave his side the best possible going-away present by scoring from penalty spot in their 1-1 draw with Newcastle and keeping slim finals hopes alive

Brisbane's rollercoaster year took another swing upwards on Saturday night when they beat Parramatta 3-0 in front of 1,398 diehards at Ballymore. In this topsy-turvy season nothing is certain anymore, the Strikers who were in crisis mode last week are now finals contenders again while Power have gone from outsider for the title to struggling to hold a place in the 6 within a week.

Northern Spirit showed no ill-effects playing their third game in a week and beat Wollongong by the same score in Sydney. The result all but ends the Wolves title hopes, but leaves the Spirit with some hope of making it.

Adelaide City consolidated their place in the finals with a 2-1 win over an awful South Melbourne side. South's goal came in the last minute when the game was well and truly dead, their finals tilt now in more trouble than the early settlers. City's win, however, puts them in the box seat to see finals action this season.

A hotly contested local derby between Sydney United and Olympic Sharks ended a 1-1 draw in front of a pathetic crowd of approximately 3000. Olympic have their championship to point out when it comes to kicking teams out of the league at the end of the year, United's empty trophy cabinet and bad crowd behaviour may be enough to sink them for good.

Back with a preview of next weeks action on Wednesday. Don't forget the Australia/England match live on SBS from 7am Thursday, my fearless prediction is a 2-1 win to Australia after England bring on their B team for the second half.

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