Wednesday, 19 February 2003

No idea who Andy Roberts is (he's certainly not the same Andy Roberts who moved from Crystal Palace to Wimbledon for a club record fee during the 1997/98 season), but he links to me and appears to work for a Country and Western radio station. So he gets my personal thumbs up too.

Yes, I am available for interviews on all subjects (Yeah go on you media bastards, you know you want to), even country music. I used to watch CMT all the time before it got molested and turned into the ill-fated Music Country. Of course this all lead to the creation of MusicMax, which is the best channel on Foxtel so I guess it all balanced out in the end. Now I can watch my TV god Doug Mulray host Live from the Basement every morning from 7am. Watch it and keep the great man in a job.

I do miss those rather jolly ads for the CMT Top 10 countdown though, and the hardcore airplay of Diamond Rio videos.

Nostalgia = last refuge of the idiot.

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