Wednesday, 19 February 2003

I was going to restrain myself and leave the Australia/India game alone, but I must say I almost flipped it when all the press concerned Lee's 3/36 off 9, rather than Gillespie's 3/13 off 10. If you can't market a fast bowler who looks like a serial killer then you're not really trying in my opinion.

Besides, two of Lee's wickets came from particuarly stupid shots. And don't tell me that it was a 'trap', because any half decent batsman would have flayed him to all parts of the ground.

They're resting him against Holland, which is probably a good thing for the Dutch. After his attempted murder of Alex Tudor during the Ashes you'd have to wonder how much glee he would take trying to knock over (quite literally) an entire team of amateurs. Glenn McGrath is playing though, because you'd hate to actually give some time off to the best fast-bowler of the generation who has had a recent injury.

See people, you shouldn't encourage me.

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