Sunday, 23 February 2003

Letters to the paper whinging about the "get on with it" war are starting to get rather tiresome. There's one classic in the Herald-Sun today about the shot (now that's a poor choice of words) on last week's front cover of a soldier kissing her child goodbye as she left for the Persian Gulf.

The point to it was that it's a massive outrage that a woman with children should be going off to fight a war. My problem with that is that you'd think if she had any problem with it herself she might not have, you know, JOINED THE FREAKING ARMY.

Being in the army isn't all about getting tax free pay and sexually harassing your colleagues. You are usually expected to go and fight a war if one breaks out. Hmph, if only I wasn't so tired I could write a 2000 word essay on this topic.

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