Thursday, 20 February 2003

Pat Symcox is a hero, not just because he had a frozen chicken thrown at him on the SCG a few years back. The back page story in the Herald-Sun today about him telling Hershelle Gibbs to fit in or f*ck off is accompanied by a picture that I found quite amusing for some reason.

Read the whole story here if you're more interested in hearty analysis of the story rather than reminisicing about his run in with long deceased poultry in Sydney.

I used to like the Proteas (quiet you) when they had Symcox, Fanie DeVilliers, Dave Richardson, Donald and Rhodes at their peak and Hansje before he got busted for being a cheat. Now there's nothing interesting about them.

Meanwhile, in other news. American school fails to consider that free speech might extend to clothing. All together now "and they wonder why everybody hates them?". Very sad.

Finally, Harness Racing champion Shakamaker is being retired after Saturday night. I'll fondly remember his win in the 2000 Interdominion which landed me a tidy sum. Of course when it comes to great horses, nobody can ever take the place of the myth, the legend, the Count.

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