Sunday, 25 January 2004

Oh my god

Speaking of television - we're used to the TV networks ripping each other off left, right and centre but Channel 10 have finally elevated the art to a new level.

The Block had a gay couple and rated through the roof. Gav and Waz became national celebrities - for about ten minutes.

Ten, not to be outdone, have come up with their own two dollar knock-off show on the same topic and they've found something to top the gay male couple. A couple of hot lesbians. No really. Possibly the most stupid and cynical thing I've seen in many years of obsessive television watching. They may as well just call the program "Hey Males 18-50. Watch this show because the two blondes chicks might MAKE OUT! OMG! WTF! CIA!". I can't even begin to think about the thought process that lead to this fraud.

I want a run a poll. How long before the Hot Lesbian Action (HLA) couple are revealed as complete fakes? Go on, try and guess. The show will probably be axed after about forty minutes so you'll have to get in quickly.

Cue 5000 letters to the TV Guide bemoaning the 'promotion' of lesbianism on television. Personally I'd rather write in and bemoan the fact that whoever is running Ten DOESN'T HAVE A FUCKING ORIGINAL IDEA IN HIS/HER HEAD.

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