Thursday, 22 January 2004

Kronic illness

Anti-Marijuana people - this is the news you've been waiting all your lives for!

A young man has died from cannabis poisoning after smoking around 23,000 joints. Experts believe Lee Maisey, 36, is the first Briton to die as a direct result of taking the drug... Lee smoked around six joints a day for 11 years, an inquest heard. A pal found him dead last August on the living room floor of the house they shared... The cause of Lee's death was listed as 'cannabis toxicity' after a post mortem revealed high levels in his blood... Cannabis has been linked to suicides and fatal accidents. But Lee's case is the first where it has been listed as a direct cause of death.

Now that's one confirmed grass-related death. It must be evil stuff! Lucky nobody's ever snuffed it from drinking alcohol or smoking 'normal' cigarettes have they?

* This blog does not condone the use of illicit substances. But it's not against them either. So do whatever the fuck you like and leave me out of it ok?

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