Tuesday, 20 January 2004

Iowa Kaucus Krackdown

That headline would work much better if Kansas were the first caucus.

Anyway, the result is in and the winner is John Kerry with 38% of the vote, in front of John Edwards with 32% and Howard Dean - who gave one of the most comic speeches I've ever seen where he pretty much just randomly shouted out state names on stage - with just 18%. Dick Gephardt was last of the major contenders on 11% and pulled out of the race. Dennis Kucinich, the man who pulled out an explanatory chart during a radio interview, not surprisingly cracked just 1% of the vote.

Of course this result does little more than get rid of Gephardt and strengthen the position of the first two placegetters. After all Dick won this thing in 1988 and sixteen years later he was still trying to win the Democratic nomination. Bill Clinton scored a colossal 2.8% in 1992 - a good 75% behind winner Tom Harkin, and how many interns have you heard about Tom knobbing in the White House? None. Wesley Clark and Joe Liebmann didn't even bother showing up to campaign in Iowa - and nobody is taking Al Sharpton seriously anymore.

Mind you there's something about John Edwards that worries me. I think it's his frightening likeness to the late John Ritter.

All this should make New Hampshire doubly interesting. Roll on.

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