Monday, 26 January 2004

Get em on

Christianity and nudity. Together (officially) at last.

The first nudist resort created primarily for Christians in the United States is due to open in Florida and its co-founder claims that he can provide passages in the Bible where nudity is prominently mentioned.

"Depending on the version of the Bible you use, there are as many as 40 passages that refer to nudity," said Bill Martin, co-founder of Natura, which will be the first Christianity-themed nudist colony in the country when it opens in a Tampa suburb in April.

Try and guess when the first holy holy holyman will be busted for volunteering to take his youth group there.

And I love the 'depending on the version of bible' quote. Give me ten minutes and a fat cheque and I'll write you a bible that says it's ok to headbutt parking inspectors. Then you'll all be happy.

BEWARE: Story linked to contains a small picture of a saggy assed old man running around butt naked. Unless this is your thing (and if it is please investigate the possibilities of euthanasia) steer clear!

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