Monday, 19 January 2004

Great one hit wonders

10. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations (1991)

Part of the great white rap explosion of the early 1990's alongside Vanilla Ice 20-year-old Mark Wahlberg, who had originally been a member of New Kids On The Block alongside brother Donnie before he gave it up in favor of kicking the shit out of some guy and going to jail, burst onto the scene with this hit - the success of which probably owed more to guest vocalist and disco queen Loleatta Holloway and crossover appeal from squealing teenage girl NKOTB fans than Wahlberg's vocal talents. The album Music For The People, which he had promised to work on as part of his parole after being jailed for assault, went platinum across the world thanks almost exclusively to this hit single.

The only other charting song they would ever have was "Wildside" which went to number 10 later that year. The band started to come under fire from the media as it started to look like Wahlberg's four black bandmates - including the sensationally named "Hector the Bootie Inspector" were there to do little more than give him 'street cred'. The second album "You Gotta Believe" sold a fraction of what their debut had and the project was dissolved - but not before they could be the subject of their very own "Make My Music Video" game for the ill-advised Sega CD.

Where Are They Now? Wahlberg is now established as a major Hollywood actor and is famous for having a massive cock in Boogie Nights. Holloway, who also appeared with TWO hit wonder Black Box, is still performing around America and the rest of the Funky Bunch are presumably busking/inspecting bootie on a street corner somewhere.

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