Sunday, 25 January 2004

Dear TV Execs.

Now I hate these Idol shows but I've realised that the 'selection process' shows where they just show an hour of judges ripping the piss out of complete bogans in a small room are sensational viewing.

If you could possibly organise it for there to a be a show that consists ENTIRELY of hanging shit on the untalented and watching them throw massive tantrums I'd be there, front row central, every week. Just cut out the bit where you select the good singers and they fight for the right to release a middle-of-the-road wankfest song that 3MP rejected for being too pissweak and you'd have a great product.

I suggest it be titled "You're Shit And You Know You Are" and that only people who are deadly serious in thinking they're good are allowed in. The most pretentious win prizes and become national celebrities.

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