Sunday, 18 December 2005

Cut and Paste

Time for another round of Video Classix. Where we make the load time of the page triple just to highlight significant moments in the history of the music video. Today it’s The Strokes and “Someday” from the album Is This It.

Let’s pretend we didn’t see that one shall we?

Celebrity #1. Living everybody’s dream of playing the pinnies with Slash from Guns ‘n Roses. You mean it’s not your dream? Mine either to be honest.

They look up at a TV and for no good reason it’s showing South Korea vs Italy in the 2002 World Cup round of 16. Korea have just scored the winning goal in the 117th minute and the screen flashes up some world class Engrish in celebration. The band has not yet announced whether or not they’ll be inserting footage of Australia conceding seven against Brazil into a clip from their new album.

Next stop on the biggest Videoing With The Stars tour in the history of the world. Family Feud hosted by Al Borland from Home Improvement. You don’t get stars much bigger than that.

Tonight’s carryover family The Strokes will be taking on the challengers from..

Guided By Voices. Incidentally November 12th, 2004 was “Guided By Voices Day” in Los Angeles.

Just because this game isn’t entirely fictional doesn’t mean that sort of thing shouldn’t be recreated on the new Australian version featuring Bert Newton. I want Cold Chisel vs Midnight Oil and I want it NOW.

That’s the sort of hot topic that Bert won’t be touching with a million foot bargepole at 5.30pm

Al is shattered at this turn of events.

Thus leading to a wild indie rock stacks on across the studio floor and a startled former sitcom superstar.

Goodbye Al. We love you.

Next week - Whatever amuses me at the time.

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