Sunday, 14 December 2003


So Saddam Hussein stays in power for the best part of 30 years, manages to evade US troops for all these months and then gets busted in a cellar, crying like a little schoolgirl (I made that bit up) in his own hometown. It's surely too easy - but they've supposedly got DNA evidence which proves it. Nice!

Surely people can't find a downside to this. Even if you thought the war was a bit dodgy (i.e - me) you've got to admit that this is a top result. I'm interested to see what happens now. He might even let on where these evil weapons of mass destruction are hidden - certainly somewhere more sophisticated than where he was you'd assume.

And if the person who turned him in and pockets the $25,000,000 reward is reading can you buy me a new phone please? Thanks!

UPDATE: And the press conference is like a bloody highschool cheerleading rally. The Iraqi people are probably watching it going "what a bunch of wankers. Bring back Saddam". Choice quote "You have the opportunity of a sovereign government...... in a few months"

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