Sunday, 28 December 2003

Fair and balanced...

Fox News is playing a "best of" 2003 program and it's fun to see their massive conservative agenda neatly compiled and shown in one short program. Every single 'highlight' from the year involves one of their hosts - often Bill O'Reilly - going ballistic at somebody who was against the war, or had some affiliation to the Democratic Party.

The best bit was the host of Fox and Friends deviating from the job of being an endlessly jolly David Koch-esque morning show host to debate comedian Janeane Garofalo on the need for a war in Iraq. His entire argument centered on that infamous "sexed up" British intelligence dossier that was so discredited later on. It's probably best to edit out highlights that make your hosts look like complete dicks. He actually claimed that the huge Republican Party stack of Fox News was justified because they're the top rating cable news station in America. What a tool. It was almost as good as the random news anchor vs General Clark brawl they played before it.

With friends like this how can Bush possibly lose?

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