Tuesday, 16 December 2003

Bring back the cricketers box

May I politely enquire to the ACB as to which fuckwit sold the advertising rights to the four test matches against India to the "3" company and decide to brand it the "3 Test Series"?

What next? Are they going to flog the One Day name to the people who made that shonky cricket board game with the crappy plastic fielders ("Where's the third slip? Oh, the dog ate him") and call it the "Test Match Series"?

Incidentally I once hit a shot so perfect in that game that it flew straight back over the pissy little plastic boundary and smashed the guy I was playing it against right in the shoulder. Why bother ever playing again after that?

And anyway; if any cricket game should be brought back it's that one on the old Nintendo with copyright-defying player names (step forward star Australian batsman Jones Dean), fielders that you could rearrange by picking them up with a huge god-like hand and computer spin bowling that afforded you the chance to hit 36 runs an over. Ahh, memories.

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