Tuesday, 23 December 2003

Great One Hit Wonders

4. Roger Voudouris - Get Used To It

Born in 1954 - and growing up on the mean streets of Sacramento, California lusty Greek adonis Roger kicked off his career as a hard man in the band "Roger Voudouris Loud as Hell Rockers" and released a self titled debut album in 1978 that had little impact on the charts. It was his second LP a year later that featured Get Used To It - a massive hit that would prove the high point of his career. It was one of the biggest selling singles of the year across the world - but he failed to reach similar heights with follow-ups. Two more albums, and no more hit singles in the West, followed but it was only Japan which remained crazy for Roger over the years.

It was hosting our very own Countdown where Roger had his most famous moment. Performing his timeless hit "in a tight polyester v-neck jumper while facing a wind machine" the ladies went wild and his song rocketed up the local charts. Classic footage - and I'm sure Molly was taking special interest in proceedings. It was a much mocked performance, ranking alongside the horrid sight of Mark Holden throwing carnations to a crowd of screaming chicks in the cringe factor. A factor that somewhat detracted from the fact that it wasn't a bad song - considering some of the other 'hits' from the very same year (Step forward Patrick Hernandez - and then go away again).

Where are they now? Voudouris won't, however, be making a Holden-esque comeback appearance on American Idol as he died of natural causes on August 3rd this year. Apparently one of the few Sacramento natives ever to grace the Billboard Top 40 he will forever be remembered in this country as the man in the tight jumper.

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