Thursday, 11 December 2003

Bah humbug (Pt 12)

I find it a tad ironic that the Myer (that's Grace Brothers for visiting Sydney heathens) Christmas windows feature "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" as it's theme this year when, as far as I can work out is a story with the moral that people don't need to get expensive presents and shit to appreciate the wonders of Xmas. Do they really understand what they're saying here? The message they're doing is essentially "You don't NEED an Xbox for christmas. The joy of the season should be enough to keep you happy. But did you know that we can sell you one for the lowest price in Melbourne anyway?" Fools. They should have done Green Eggs and Ham instead; it's got bugger all to do with the festive season but it kicks ass.

Meanwhile today I also happened to catch the Xmas thing Crown Casino/Entertainment Place are doing for the kids as well (fecking St. Nick is clearly stalking me) and I noticed a remarkable piece of guerilla marketing. Halfway through one of the jolly old carols in the middle of this sound and light show that all the kiddies were getting right into the creative genius who came up with this thing ever so subtly dropped the music from the Crown "World of Entertainment" TV ads into the background for a few seconds. This might seem insignificant, and the people I was with didn't notice it (although it was there, I'm not working on conspiracy here) but I think it's a fairly brilliant move because when the little brats darlings who were there today grow up to be old enough to gamble at the casino - or at least get fake ID's so they can - they'll associate all the good times they had at Xmas with that music and presumably flock to Crown in numbers.

Unless, of course, they get felt up by a man in a Santa suit and end up hating the whole thing. In that case they'll probably go to the movies instead.

Naturally this all hinges on them having the same jingle in eight to ten years - but they've had it for the last eight so why not stick with it. Especially if you're brainwashing the youth of the nation with it.

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