Saturday, 14 April 2007

Shame FM

It’s the death of popular music as we knew it. What Pac Man Fever, Disco Duck and a thousand Idol’s couldn’t do two miners have.

Beaconsfield mine survivors Todd Russell and Brant Webb feature on a single with their wives to commemorate their world famous rescue.

The song called 321 Hours was recorded with Adelaide band Unitopia and signifies the amount of time the men were trapped 925 metres underground.

Mr Webb said it will be released on May 9 - the date they surfaced after 14 nights and the time their colleague Larry Knight, who did not survive the Tasmanian gold mine accident, was laid to rest.

Sure the money is going to charity but couldn’t you just give them the money directly instead of participating in the CD related charade. Did nobody learn their lesson from the Elton John Candle In The Wind ‘97 fiasco? Who, other than the 1085 sick freaks on who probably downloaded it for free anyway actually ever listened to the copy they bought? Certainly not more than once.

The least they could have done was a cover of We’re Sending Our Love Down The Well from the Simpsons.

Coming soon: Schapelle Corby Sings Slipknot?

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