Thursday, 19 April 2007

Religion Retro

Tonight on Foxtel’s ACC religious channel,

.wavFile is a fresh, fast-paced entertainment show highlighting the “new sound” coming from Canada.

Was .mp3file too contentious/hard to understand? When has the ‘new sound’ ever been represented by technology ten years past it’s use-by-date. And who’s listening to their music in .wav files these days anyway? You’d have half of one song and it would take up your entire hard-drive. Maybe I should be on the nerd channel?

Incidentally is there any reason the Foxtel online TV guide doesn’t admit the Christian channel exists? As you might have guessed I’m not exactly down with the wide world of religion but even I think that’s a bit extreme. If the channel is there and can be watched by any subscriber why would you refuse to admit it’s existence online? Bizarre people.

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