Sunday, 22 April 2007

Le Ballot Un Slops

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Dare I say the French have gotten it right when it comes to injecting much needed interest into their elections. Instead of persisting with the facade that anyone cares about who’s in parliament they just cut out the middle man and let you vote straight for who you want as President and damn the consequences AND once it’s been done once you get to go back and vote a second time to split the top two candidates.

Can you imagine the uproar if people had to do that here? It’s bad enough trying to get crunts to a polling booth in the first place without making them do it twice. Might help if we had a wild range of parties to vote for like they do. Click on the picture above and you’ll see a range of candidates right across the board from the far-left to the ultra-right with pretty much everything in between. God help us all they even have a legitimate centrist party.

Also, as you’ll see if you click on the top picture, they don’t stand for the grim spectacle of violently forcing how-to-vote cards at grandmothers on polling booths. Granted you hardly need to be told how to vote when you’re only selecting one candidate but wouldn’t it make it easier for everyone if they just showed the campaign posters at each polling booth and banned people from handing material out? I’m sure there hasn’t been more than a handful of people in the last 106 years of Australian electoral history who have shown up intending to vote for one person and then changed their mind based on having a piece of paper shoved down their throat by some party stooge. Waste of time, waste of paper. Simple solution - display a board like this outside each polling booth and then stick 1 copy of each how-to-vote in each polling booth so people can make their own decision there.

In the list of posters you’ll also see that somebody has started at #7 and gone on a path of destruction down the rest of the line. In a diplomatic move they’ve trashed both Le Pen (hard right) and Arlette (hard-left) posters. And who told #0 that it would be a good idea to have so much text on his/her poster?

I’m such a freak for elections. It’s very shameful. Who will win? Fucked if I know - I’m just in it for the posters and stats. In my eyes there’s only one Frenchman worth voting for...

and here he is...

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