Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Press 1 For Chaos

Would you vote for a man just because he was self-confessed as “fair dinkum”?


Apparently not

Berhan Jaber 216
Frank Dinoto 521
Rick Dugina 146
Alan Brygel 215
Rose Iser 1307
Nicole Kepert 1730
Hamish Jones 265
Frank Kinnersley 822
Shirley Cornish 475
Alana Pekar 292
Cam Nation 602
David Baldwin 324

Apparently he’s also the King of Wild Scenes.

Only in Melbourne, or possibly Tehran, would you see action like this.

UPDATE - Just to the right of where the shot ends on the wall there is grafitti threatening that “toy” is dead. If anyone knows who “Toy” is please feel free to enlighten me because nearly ten years ago on a shelter near my high school the greatest piece of graffiti ever “TOY YOUR MUM IS WAK SHIT FAT BITCH” appeared, and I want to know if it’s the same person.

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