Friday, 27 April 2007

Reasons to hate Craig McLachlan

1. Craig McLachlan and Check 1-2 - Mona
2. The way he totally dominated Check 1-2 and never let them shine
3. The classic stand-up routine on the Sydney Footy Show where he talked about shagging dogs and almost got booed out of the building.
4. This pose

Granted that nobody is going to come out of an awkwardly staged shot like this with any dignity, much less when they’re standing behind a woman in a floral shirt that your grandmother wouldn’t have been seen dead in even in the 80’s but Craig is such an accomplished fuckup that he manages to make himself look like even more of a dick. Harold and Madge have got it right, and the other bird (Kylie?!?) is coming out of it respectably but he’s just got no idea. Complete bollocks.

Yet he’s famous and we’re not. Enough said.

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