Friday, 27 April 2007

Annoy TSP Week Continues

Actually this sign has been shitting me for years. Corner of Punt Road and Bridge Road, Richmond.


As you can see from the picture they’ve repainted their sign several times already but somehow have neglected to change the fact that their address is spelt wrong. Those of you outside of Melbourne (and there must be one or two) will be excited to know that it should read “Gertrude Street”, not “Getrude” - unless they’re trying to make some sort of obscure political statement - which I seriously doubt because they’re a paint shop with a logo flogged from Breakfast At Tiffany’s and not a serious organisation. Either that or they’re owned by Rodney Rude.

Should I ring them up and inform them of this? Do you think anyone has ever pointed this out before? It still doesn’t top the place on Smith Street, Collingwood which patriotically exclaims that it sells “Australien” flags.

P.S - Surely there’s a spelling error in this post somewhere that will allow you to make an “OMG HOW CAN U BAG THEM WHEN U CAN’T SPELL ZOMG LOL ROFL BBQ!” comment. But the moment you do I’ll correct the error and delete your comment so nobody knows - that’s what democracy is all about.

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