Thursday, 30 October 2008

Great Moments in Politics

#2323432 - The 1993 Christchurch By-Election.

The English have the right idea - let anyone put what they want down as a party on their ballot paper and watch the comedy begin.

This starts slow but stick with it. Eventually you get to see a big titted model representing the "Buy The Daily Sport" party, the "Ian for King" party, a giant chicken and somebody in a full English football kit running on the platform of sacking the national team manager.

It depresses me that we'll never get to see scenes like this. A third party candidate winning in a field of novelty named parties and being congratulated by a seven foot red chicken is what Australia needs now, not boring crunts like Rudd and Turnbull. GIVE US THE CHICKEN OR GIVE US DEATH!

On another note it's surprising to see Esme Watson off A Country Practice elected to parliament. That must have sent shockwaves through Wandin Valley.

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Bruce said...

That is a cak!

I love how the Sack the Football Manager Party got more than Natural Law.

(Word verify: UNDIA - kinky)