Monday, 6 October 2008

From Milan With Love

or... "21 great Italo Disco band names and their songs"

Ahh, the 80's - an era where any idiot with a synth could put out a track that 'the kids' would go apeshit over. The only problem is once you've come up with a dynamite track what do you call yourself? This is where the italo artists often lost the plot. Sure, "The Beatles" must have looked odd in it's day but it's got nothing compared to some of these.

93rd Superbowl - Forever and a Day
Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D'Amour
Amadeus Liszt - Win The Race
Answering Service - Call Me Mr. Telephone
Apple in Jacket - New World
Argentina - Baby Don't You Break (My Heart)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (surely the most famous Italo track ever, even though it was by an Irishman)
Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream
Buckingham Palace - Give Me Your Name
Danny Boy & the Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy (and they're not talking about Fidel, let me tell you. Featuring the classic line "It's not pretty being easy")
Facts & Fiction - Give Me the Night
Free Enterprise - I'm Not Afraid To Love You
International Music System - Dancing Therapy
Kinky Go - Gimme the Love
Mozzart - Money (Classic italo, even if he does look like a tit in the video)
Oxo - Keep On Living (what came first, the italo band or the stock cube?)
Peter & the Wolf - Peter and the Wolf
Psychic Interface - Dancin' in the Night
Sweet Connection - Heart To Heart (<--- TUNE!)
The Midnight's Moscow - Tavarisc Gorbachev
X-Ray Connection - Get Ready

For those of you still confused about the role of Italo in Western society I suggest either this or this. If you do 'get' italo may I suggest a psychiatrist - the queue starts behind me.

Furthermore here are my top 5 non-comedy name italo tracks of all time,

1. Albert One - Turbo Diesel

2. Black Box - Ride On Time

3. Eddy Huntington - USSR

4. Mike Mareen - Agent of Liberty

5. Miko Mission - How Old Are You

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El said...

Long live mighty Italo Disco - one of the greatest and most overlooked genres in our recent musical past.