Monday, 7 July 2008

Kontroversy Korner

I'm pretty sure I know where I stand in the grand "Is it art, or is that Gary Glitter I see lurking out the front?" debate that's going on at the moment. As far as I'm aware perves are rarely seen whacking it in art galleries, especially when there's this new fangled gadget called the internet that the punters are really getting into.

But now, just when people went back to thinking that Bill Henson was that guy who created the Muppets, a magazine has upped the ante with a selection of allegedly fruity shots.

The young girl whose naked photo appeared on the cover of an arts magazine, sparking a new controversy, has defended the picture, saying she is proud of it.

Art Monthly Australia magazine sparked fresh outrage over naked images of children by publishing an image of a six-year-old Olympia Nelson on its July cover and two shots inside.

The magazine's editors said the images were chosen as a protest against the recent furore over similar pictures by artist Bill Henson.

Now, you can weight in to this debate however you like. Whether you're in the Konservative Kevin Prime Ministerial camp, are personally offended and am getting ready to go all "Danish cartoons" on their ass or whether like me you don't particuarly give a rats ass there's one scenario I want you to consider.

You're an arts lover. Every month you get down to your local newsagent to grab a copy of Art Monthly Australia. Suddenly this month you bound into your local, take a look at the front cover, think "shit they're desperate for a few sales, I must subscribe", grab your copy and head up to the counter. The person serving you takes one look at the famous magazine, realises that you're some kind of evil massive super pervert even though you're actually not and starts openly verbally abusing you for being a disgraceful human being in front of an entire store of concerned citizens. Another service that Art Monthly magazine provides to their loyal readers! My money's on their sales actually dropping this month but then all the freaks and longtime readers trying to get back copies off Ebay, where they will instantly be dismissed from being listed after this woman has a nervous breakdown and goes on A Current Affair.

P.S - Next time somebody shows you a shot of their newborn baby PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE AND CALL THE COPS. How dare they? The sick perves.

P.P.S - If you came here via Google looking for the fruity shots I'm afraid you probably do need to have a good hard look at yourself.


Anonymous said...

Alison Croggon is in rebel Cork! I have to cover for her, where to start, same again really.

Well the Pope has a big painting of a trussed up Japanese schoolgirl, the truth is trussed up, trussing up Japanese schoolgirls is not sexual,

Caravaggio use to truss up Japanese schoolgirls, artists have been doing it for years.

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – 3 hours ago
“The little girl is in there along with bondage images, including one of a Japanese schoolgirl in school uniform trussed up in rope while another image

I think that more or less has it covered, oh, Cate is to play a trussed up schoolgirl in her next movie

Anonymous said...

Worth a thousand words...

Link to interesting video about Bill Henson's photographic work: