Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I Wnt 2 Tch Yr Bdy Of Crist

Hands up anyone who thinks this is legit,

PILGRIMS of World Youth Day (WYD) will receive a second text message of inspiration from the Pope this morning.

Pope Benedict XVI has gone high-tech, using the advances of mobile phones to SMS thousands of young pilgrims with a daily message.

Today's message, due to go out around 10am (AEST), will say: "The Holy Spirit gave the Apostles and gives u the power boldly 2 proclaim that Christ is risen! - BXVI."

As part of the Catholic festival, Telstra has provided the service and has erected eight temporary base stations to allow young pilgrims to send text messages to family and friends.

Four giant digital "prayer wall" screens have also been erected at the Sydney Opera House, the Domain, Darling Harbour and Randwick Racecourse.

Pilgrims who sign up will also be able to send a message to the giant prayer walls.

Telstra mobile customers can subscribe to the free service by texting the word Pope to 0400 405 111 to receive the daily messages.

And as an additional bonus when you text Pope you're also helping to save him from eviction from the Big Brother house.

(Oh, Channel 10 - why did you have to axe the show and ruin those sorts of cheap gags?)

Has anyone else noticed that for a "day" this thing seems to have gone on for about 2 weeks? I'm all for people coming here and getting their religion on if that's what floats their ark but the chances are if I lived in Sydney I'd have had a nervous breakdown already at having the whole place grind to a standstill so people can dance around a cross a'la the Maypole. It was bad enough the other day when some Spanish types set up inside Spencer Street Station and started prancing and chanting. Try it yourself next week and see how long it takes to get "asked to move on".

When you don't renew your membership at a footy club the players start ringing you up and asking you to get on board. Is there any danger as an alleged former Catholic (well, there was certainly some dunking in water as a child - I've seen the pictures) that the Pope is going to send me a text and try and rope me in to some hot Christian action? Unfortunately as of last Sunday my religion is officially listed as "The Melbourne backline" so I'll be unable to participate.

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