Friday, 11 July 2008


Welcome to the IPhone. Queue panic purchasing by every man and their dog. Remember Krispy Kreme? Probably not, but those of you who can cast their mind back to the heady days of 2006 (you know, when Melbourne played finals and some old mate called John Howard was PM) will recall a time where thousands flocked to the outer suburbs, and later the city, to buy thousands of donuts that they didn't really need just because it was new and exciting. Oh, what an era - it was there that the groundwork was laid for a national obesity crisis. Now who's talking donuts? Nobody that's who.

And now it's a mobile phone that apparently does some sick shit. Wowee, let me at it - I have to have one TODAY. That's NOW. Not tomorrow god forbid. I had the misfortune of hearing a radio playing the Fox earlier and some woman was on almost having convulsions over the suggestion that they were going to give her a free one. I hope the friends and acquaintances are suitably impressed. In fact I hope that somebody manages to use the fact that they own one to pick up sometime on the weekend because it's the only possible way that it could enhance your life as much as anyone is claiming it will.

How come nobody ever kicked a store door in to get a Nokia 3310? I mean not only could you play Snake 2 but you could put different covers on it. OH! MY! GOD!

So, if you queued up all night or got up at an ungodly hour of the morning just to buy a mobile phone (and you know who you are 2.0) then have a good lie down and seek immediate treatment. The good news is that the only people who are bigger nutbags than you are the ones who got them from America months ago and hacked them to work here.

P.S - At least it's probably more usable than the Ipod. Those things should be thrown into the Yarra and allowed to float away.


Desci said...

At least you're not in a fucking relationship with someone who makes you wake up at 5.30 in the morning so you can form a 'two-tar plan of attack'.

He got one, but there were fucking shenanigans. I'll talk about it on the podcast.

Desci said...

two-tear, even.

Remember, 5.30. Tired.

Adam 1.0 said...

It's got to be love if that's what you're putting yourself through.