Saturday, 5 July 2008

Fat Bastards Corner

There's somebody in the Cadbury's marketing department who is due a massive raise. Ever since I was a kid the process of buying a Crunchie from a store consisted largely of standing there for five minutes poking at individual bars to try and work out which one hadn't broken in the middle and shattered into a thousand shards of honeycomb. Like the good consumers we are everyone just put up with this - but now some genius has come up with an idea so simple that it's offensive that nobody thought of it earlier.

Split the Crunchie in half at the factory. Suddenly the standard package is being sold as a "twin" pack. So simple. No more shatter, no more mess, no more dirty looks from the guy behind the counter at 7/11 who is wondering why you're fingering his confectionary.

Sucked in Violet Crumble customers, those of us in the real honeycomb faction are laughing.

P.S - Yes, I am overweight.

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Desci said...

Violet Crumble never shattered into useless tongue-burny, over-baking-sodaed pieces in the first place.