Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Celebrating 10 years of TSP

In the grand traditions of this blog I planned a massively self indulgent spectacular and then completely forgot about it.

So instead of a 5000 word essay on why the world should revolve around me let's celebrate the wonderful decade (or parts thereof) which we've spent together with this picture.

Wild scenes

Happy anniversary (last Monday) you magnificent bastards!

P.S - If you haven't been around the whole time and are looking at the archives the reason that there's a big fat gap in 2004 isn't that I gave up, it's because I entrusted all my archives to some old mate who I'd never met and then he disappeared off the face of the earth before I had the chance to back it all up. NEVER AGAIN. Until Blogger implodes, I lose absolutely everything and end up in a mental home.

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DonkeyBlog said...

Ten years and not one dud post! Congratulations and thanks for stayin with it.