Friday, 5 October 2012

20 to 1: More poorly named terrorists

I think we determined in the original post on this topic (November 2010) that I was well against the activities and shenanigans of the groups listed and that there was no need for a knock on the door from ASIO, so instead let the disclaimer this time show that I'm not judging the activities of the bad shits organisations in the list so there's no need for them to send me exploding mail.

So, with that in mind we turn to the question of what you decide to name your group after deciding on a spot of revolutionary action, extortion or just plain mischief. Much like sporting team nicknames all the good ones are already taken and newcomers to the field are lumped with forced, terrible names that deserve no respect like Heart, Blaze, Power etc.. etc..

At least one thing you can see for the evil shits below is that at least they came up with the names themselves and if they did end up sounding like an MLS team it wasn't because the marketing department told them to.

Also as a special treat I've thrown in the name of a Toto song. See if you can pick it without hovering over the links.

20. Cooperative of Hand-Made Fire & Related Items
19. Evan Mecham Eco-Terrorist International Conspiracy (EMETIC)
18. Apo's Revenge Hawks
17. Anti-Imperialist Patrols for Proletariat Internationalism
16. The Other Side
15. Committee for the Security of the Highways
14. 1st Mechanical Kansas Militia
13. Secret Organisation Zero
12. The Holders of the Black Banners
11. Committee of Coordination
10. Brother Julian
9. Night Avengers
8. The Group for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice
7. Internet Black Tigers
6. New Order
5. Anti-Imperialist Territorial Nuclei for the Construction of the Fighting Communist Party
4. Autonomous Decorators
3. Action Committee of Winegrowers
2. Committee for Liquidation of Computers (CLODO)
1. World Punishment Organization

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