Monday, 11 May 2009

Bank of Horror

Everyone mocks me for banking with Bank of Queensland, but the distinct lack of customers has an advantage in being able to eavesdrop on other customers. Here's a particuarly cringeworthy exchange I heard today between Horny Customer (HC) - a trady sort in a singlet - and Attractive Teller (AT) - an, err, attractive teller..

HC - How are you?
AT - Oh not good, I'm sick
HC - Oh yeah, I noticed you weren't here last week.
AT - I'm getting better now
HC - *laughing* It wasn't that AIDS was it?
HC - I had that once. Ha ha. Got rid of it, gave it to somebody else.
*long silence*
*Adam tries to remain upright whilst feeling the need to fall to the floor*
*still silence*
AT - So....... what can I help you with today?

Supremely inappropriate. Gentlemen, remember that line next time you're trying to woo a special lady.

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