Saturday, 7 February 2009

Low Moments in Station Promotions

You can't control the weather, but you've got to have some sympathy for the poor bastard who is on 3AW today trying to pump up an outside broadcast at a supermarket on the hottest day EVER with half the state burning to buggery. Sample moment that I just heard in the car,

*Caller* - "There are fires 2km from my house. Everything's going horribly wrong" etc.. etc..
*Host* - "My god that's awful. Good luck. And now over to Tom at Ritchie's IGA in Yarra Glen"
*Tom* - "We're about to do another barrel draw here, and the lucky winner of $250 of shopping vouchers is Doris of Mt. Evelyn!"

Followed by much applause. I bet you they wouldn't be applauding at a supermarket if their houses were about to go down in the disco inferno.

UPDATE - Urgent Threat Message: A fire of approximately 30 hectares is currently burining in Train Trak Vineyard area of Yarra Glen.

Take your $250 voucher and leg it back to Mt. Evelyn Doris!

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