Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Operating Thetan Level 1944

Now, I don't want to second guess the works of Tom Cruise. Afterall there's no telling what sort of freaky deaky alien superheroes he's got on his side. I might be the only person alive who thinks his last decent film was Days of Thunder, or indeed that it was even a decent film (come on, his name is Dick Trickle and Nicole Kidman is a 23-year-old brain surgeon!) but I can't quite understand the publicity for this new film Valkyrie.

It's being described as an "edge of the seat thriller" about somebody who tried to top Hitler before the end of the war. Now, I can suspend my disbelief significantly but is it REALLY that edge of the seat? Unless they're going to rewrite history and tell us that Hitler really did snuff it then and that it was some other twat with a pissy mo who shot himself in that bunker then I think we all know where it's going. I certainly wouldn't be on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Herman The German got away with his plot.

It's one thing to know the end of a film, but it's another to have everything given away right off the bat. Overrated.


Bruce said...

That was COLE Tickle - not Dick.

Adam 1.0 said...

Right you are. I was confusing him with the comically named real racing 'identity'


It has been a while. I remember watching it as a 7 year old with an older current TV superstar and his brother when every time the number you chose came up you got belted. I picked whatever Tom Cruise's car number was... Battered.