Sunday, 10 August 2008

People Who Need To Be Shot #101

Anyone who spends $90 on an AFL jumper and then defiles it with the name of the worst gimmick character of all time. Who are you trying to impress sir? It certainly didn't work on the girls sitting next to him.


Please also note that the skinhead behind him was wearing double denim with cutoff sleeves. What would you expect at a St. Kilda/Collingwood game?

In other news from around the MCG, don't you think somebody might have had a word to the kid who did the Melbourne Olympics tile in this display?


All hail the 1957 Olympics. Cue there being a legitimate reason for it being there, further proving that 'the kids' know more about everything than I do.

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Leish said...

aaahahahahaaaa That's just too good :D