Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dividing the Nation

What's with people's obsessive reactions to dividing their shopping from everybody else in a supermarket? It's fair enough to insist on dragging out the big stick (ooer) when there's three thousands items being scanned and there's some potential for the checkout person to completely lose interest in getting paid $5 an hour and just start bagging anything, but what kind of lifestyle are people leading when you've got one or two items and they dive for the divider in case it all gets mixed up.

Even when you put your stuff a good 20cm back from theirs, and start with an obvious divider like a giant french bread stick they still have a bit of a breakdown and insist on division. Give the person behind the counter some credit that they can work out what's what when you've got two people standing there and two sets of shopping divided by half a counter. I know sick freaks get off on thinking they're smarter than people who work in shops, but let's not get ridiculous here. And so what if my lettuce suddenly takes a leg break off the tomato sauce and crosses into your section of the aisle? Pick it up and hand it back you peanut. Anyway, as if I'd be seen dead buying or eating a lettuce - that's a vegetable that exists solely to be the punchline in Rodney Rude gags.

It's everything that's wrong with society on a smaller scale if you ask me. Sadly nobody ever does.

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