Saturday, 16 August 2008

Domestic Violence Explained


When AAMI come up with an ad featuring Todd stuffing Mrs. Todd into a woodchipper then I'll sign up for however much insurance they want me to.

Am I the only one who manages to stop willing her to be hit by a car long enough to ask just how you're supposed to buy a wedding ring/get to Paris on the savings from your car insurance when the ad makes a point of saving you "an average of $350". How are you going to get there you crunts? In the cargo hold of a Panamanian supertanker?


Bruce said...

I know this is wrong but...

I'd hit it.


Adam 1.0 said...

Actress = Right
Character = Shame

Desci said...

Man in Hawaiian shirt and lei, Hawaiian music playing in background: 'Hi, it's Toddy here. Did you know with AAMI life insurance you can receive up to 50,000 once your spouse carks it? I wonder where I can use that money...'

Bruce said...

Sometimes I pretend my name is Todd just for when she whispers "Love you Toddy" at the end of the first one.

Ooooh yeah.

Adam 1.0 said...

To correctly simulate the life of Todd you'll need to..

* Drink heavily
* Wonder where your life went wrong
* Get heavily depressed
* Buy a shovel, vat of acid and map of the Otways "just in case"

Bruce said...

I thought Tooradin was the shallow grave capital of Victoria.