Saturday, 20 December 2008

TSP's Office Xmas Party Bingo checklist

If you're playing my new game this year then you might find any of the following on your game card.

* Inappropriate displays of affection
* A public pash
* A private pash that gets busted
* A private shag
* A public shag (please note - if this happens stop playing bingo and start taking pictures)
* Shouting for no apparent reason
* Singing
* Soft drug consumption
* Hard drug consumption
* Workmate vs workmate violence
* Public hurling/urination/worse
* Excess removal of clothing
* General bad behaviour (WILDCARD SPOT)
* Flirting by the married
* Knocking a drink over
* Breaking a glass
* Somebody paying to do shots when regular drinks are free
* Inappropriate anecdotes or jokes
* Strangers cracking onto strangers
* Passing out in a public place
* Passing out in a toilet/cupboard/carpark and being found
* Being escorted out by your workmates
* Being escorted out by security and going quietly
* Being escorted out by security and making noise about it
* Punching on with security
* Police attendance for any reason
* Lifetime bans from the venue for person or company


Keri said...

I'm ashamed to say that a very good proportion of those would be on the tick list for me.

Although that those days are largely been and gone is also a little sad.

Adam 1.0 said...

Next time you play don't forget that for extra fun you can have an individual and departmental market of who will make idiots of themselves first.

Keri said...

I work in one of those overly-large organisations where each individual department has a seperate Christmas party. And they hold it on a weeknight.

Clearly my reputation precedes me.